Friday, October 11, 2019

Fire Safety!

Fire Safety Week!   

This week at the Academy of Powell Place, we celebrated and organized Fire Safety. Throughout this week the teachers and children have indulged in multiple fire safety activities and procedures to ensure our safety is what come first.

Monday- Cards for Firefighters! We started the week making cards for our local Fire Department, Brentwood Fire Department. Many classes went over and beyond, while several classes kept it simple and sweet. One thing each class did was make sure the children had their “hands” in the card some way! This makes the cars extra special.

Tuesday- Dress like a Firefighter! Tuesday was a treat and a surprise at how many of our friends would love to be firefighters when they grow up! It was the cutest thing ever! Many of our friends were as simple as wearing t-shirts and several friends dressed from head to toes as firefighters. True heroes in the making if I should say so myself.


Wednesday- Draw Portraits of our Heroes! This activity created more evolved
thinkers in our Pre-K classrooms. Many of our friends were inspired by their parents and actually comical superheroes. It’s always impressive to see their minds go into deep thought.

Thursday- Fire Truck Visit! “The big red truck!” That’s how many friends described seeing the fire truck pull up to the front of the school for a visit. The Brentwood Fire Department made the day of many of our little friends. With demonstration, touch and feel objects and a walk through of the firetruck, our friends were overwhelmed with joy and happiness. Their eyes were engaged and ready to see as much as they could. During their visit, each class gave them their thank you cards. The firemen were just as impressed at the kids were. This was awesome.

Friday- Fire Drill! What a great way to end the week with an unexpected fire drill. There was no known time of the fire drill but everyone could feel it coming. Our time was unbelievable! I believe the teachers were on alert and knew exactly what to do! I felt proud.

This week was filled with so much joy and fun! With the theme that, “Not All Heroes Wear Capes!” this was bond to be a great week. I think many of us fail to realize, the teachers capes, never comes off! What an amazing week.

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