Monday, October 19, 2020

20 Fall Activities to do this Year!

 20 Fall Activities to do this Year!


1. Visit the Pumpkin Patch

2. Collect leaves at the park

3. Bake an apple pie

4. Hot Chocolate in the backyard

5. Visit the Nashville Farmers Market

6. Roast Marshmallows over a fire

7. Visit the Tennessee Safari Park

8. Take a hike or nature walk

9. Movie Night – introduce an old classic to your little one

10. Make caramel apples at home

11. DIY photoshoot

12. Make a birdfeeder (you only need peanut butter, a toilet paper roll, and bird feed!)

13. Pumpkin Painting or carving

14. Take a country drive

15. See a show at the Nashville Children’s Theatre

16. Make a Fall Snack Mix

17. Build a blanket fort

18. Visit the Nashville Zoo

19. Check out a book from the library

20. Ride the train at the Tennessee Railway Museum

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