Friday, September 25, 2020

From School to Home

 Fall Is For Family

During the season of Fall, we celebrate the families of our kids as well as our staff family. Here at Powell Place, we want our school to feel like a place where everyone loves to come, and we want to encourage togetherness. One way we are showing it all month is by having family treats every week. Last week we had Grab ‘n Go Salads, and this week we have Grab ‘n Go bubbles.

This week we have had multiple family activities. We want to take school, home. We started the week off with a Take-Home Scavenger Hunt.          

On Tuesday, we had a Family Popsicle Stick Challenge. We supplied colorful popsicle sticks for our families and encouraged them to take them home and be creative with them. Whatever they made, we wanted them to share with us through email or tag our Instagram page. We got some cool creations back.                            

On Wednesday, we sent home a Family tree worksheet. Some friends drew their families faces in the boxes on the tree and others used their family’s names to fill in the tree.

On Thursday, we hosted an Instagram Challenge for our parents. The challenge was to post their favorite family blooper to Instagram and tag us to be entered into a raffle to win a Fall family Game Night Basket. Our families posted some funny pictures.

To close the week, we had a Grab ‘n Go for our families. At the end of the day on Friday, our families took home some bubbles to have a bubble party over the weekend. This week has been great!

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