Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Pre-K Prom

All Day Prom!
On Friday, our Pre-K 2 class had their first all day Prom. Since times have been unsteady and we are still practicing social distancing, we decided rather than make it a night of dancing, we created a day of Prom activities.

Our Pre-K 2 friends were the stars of the day. We started with all of them walking down the red carpet, receiving their all access passes, and then they danced for a while

Afterwards they place their hand prints on the AOPP School of Fame.

Once we finished, our stars had a lunch together that they all really enjoyed.

Later in the day, we had snacks and a movie. They were all so excited about watching Trolls World Tour and just being with their friends.

Once the movie ended, we each Pre-K Star received their “Oscar” and certificate of completion. All Day Prom was awesome!

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