Friday, May 8, 2020

Teacher Appreciation Week

We Love Our Teachers at AOPP!

This week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week! Our theme was “Dream like a Bohemian, work like a Boss!” Our teachers loved it and I know they were so grateful to feel appreciated. We also let our teachers dress in Bohemian themed clothing and they were super fashionable. Each day we celebrated the teachers in a different way.

Monday was Motivational Monday! This day was designed to tell our teachers “Thank You” for all their hard work.

Tuesday was Artistic Tuesday! This day was designed to let our teachers express themselves and show off their artistic abilities.

Wednesday was Wildflower “Wild Child” Wednesday! This day was designed for our teachers to take flowers in honor of how precious and unique they all are.

Thursday was Therapeutic Thursday! This day was designed to give the teachers tools and items to relax with at home and at school.

The last day was Fill-up Friday! This day was designed to show our teacher love through food! A nice basket of food always warms hearts!

This was by far an awesome week and we have the best Teacher in the world!

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