Tuesday, April 7, 2020

We are Still Learning!

Circle Time at Home
Many Families have decided to social distance themselves during this time. Here at the Academy, we understand, and we want to reach out to our families to inform them of our circle time (learning time) lesson every week.

Many of have some type of smart device and so do we here. One way that we bridged the gap of learning from home is using the FaceTime app to have circle time with those at school and at home at the same time.

This has been one incredible learning experience. Our Preschool 2 class has had daily circle time in class using this technique. The children at home and at school love it.
Finding the Letter P

Finding the Letter P

Finding the Letter P

Every week they have a letter and those friends at home find objects that begin with the letter while those at school circle the letter during the morning message. It has become so interesting and fun all together.
Found a Panda

Found Pliers

Found a Pony

Found a Pig

Many of our families are so appreciative because their little ones get to keep up with the daily lesson. The gap between learning at home and at school had been bridged.

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