Monday, November 18, 2019

Thanksgiving Feast

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today at The Academy, we celebrated Thanksgiving. Friends and Families came together to feast on food and enjoy time together. There were tons of families to attend and from the looks of it all, we can say that they enjoyed their time. The children were just as thankful as the parents. Having lunch with their moms and dads brought them so much joy! This was out of the ordinary, but they were all so grateful! 

Time spent together can be very rewarding. During the Thanksgiving season so many families travel, so an early thanksgiving at school allows our small friends to experience a thanksgiving with their school family. All our friends were all smiles.

Traveling during the holidays can be chaos. Just remember that this holiday season is a time to be Thankful. So, move forward with a kind heart and a grateful spirit. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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