Monday, December 17, 2018

Gingerbread Man Treasure Hunt

One of the many great parts of working with children during the holidays is how imaginative you can be with them. There's Elf on the Shelf, book fairies that bring special holiday stories, crafts and games galore! This month at The Academy we've stuffed so many wonderful activities for our students to explore, discover and enjoy every single day! Today we did a Gingerbread Man Treasure Hunt, each class got the first clue and it took them all throughout our center! One clue had them on the playground, the next on the stage, up to see Ms. Rachel and on and on until our silly Gingerbread Man got tired and had to go lay back down in the classroom! When we returned he had hidden a special treasure, cotton candy for each child! Hearing their exclaims and ideas on how he had ran past them to beat us to class was the highlight of the day. As the Holidays are approaching our doorstep don't forget that nurturing a child's imagination is the best gift to give! Enjoy some pictures from our hunt today!

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